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By Benjamen Judd

As often as we hear men lament that they never get the same amount of choice when it comes to clothing as women; or how women get all the fun when it comes to clothes; or why do only women get to wear high heels all the time (maybe not that last one, but we wish they would) we just as often tell them to shut up because they can wear things like naked hikers. True story.

Australian label P.A.M have released another lot of goods for the Australian male and it is literally the shit. Called Sometimes I Wander, the collection – which was shot at Hanging Rock made famous by the movie where a bunch of white girls get their arses lost in another dimension – features a range of cartoon characters, one of which is Carefree Willy. Who is a naked hiker. Who looks like he could be from Scotland.

The whole collection is what we could call ‘outdoorsy’. And by outdoorsy we mean sitting outside at your favourite café while you talk about the band you saw last night, your hangover and the new digs you’re wearing. We guess you can wear it hiking. But personally we’d rather just look all rugged without leaving the city. It’s more ironic.

To get your hands on the P.A.M’s latest collection, Sometimes I Wander, head to their website here. To check out the awesome lookbook head to their Facebook page here

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