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Merci, Beau Coops.

Carrie Cooper has a very simple philosophy – make beautiful shoes that represent quality and style. And are comfortable. Like we said, a simple philosophy, but a good one.

Previously, Cooper had been associated with names such as McQueen and Bernard Whillhelm before shipping herself off to the sunnier south of the equator where, in 2009, she officially launched her brand, Beau Coops.

Coopers designs are inspired by what she calls ‘boyfriend chic’, a nice nod to a tradition of ‘borrowing’ between couples. Her designs run from the industrial to the delicately sturdy – a contradiction, we know, but so is Beau Coops – fun, yet practical; exquisite, but durable. The list does go on. Each pair of shoes is made in Italy, and are a limited seasonal release. Not that we are encouraging impulse buying. Quite the opposite. This is an investment. And it’s always nice to know that you won’t walk into a room of people wearing the same shoes as you.

Beau Coops also has a men’s range, available from her website.

For more information on Beau Coops shoes and accessories plus stockists in Sydney, go here.

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