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Let The Real Man’s Shoe Please Stand Up.

By Benjamen Judd

There has been some ongoing debate at the QT office about the current standard of men’s shoes. Are there enough options? What is the difference between a brogue and an Oxford? When is it ok to wear a sneaker with a suit?

Let’s tackle the tough stuff first. The Oxford Versus the Brogue – this is a really easy one to remember. Essentially, they’re the same shoe. Oxfords are your basic, leather shoe that has an enclosed lace detailing. Simple, practical and easy to wear. Brogues are Oxfords with a flourish and are also known as wingtips. Oxfords are what you would wear with your everyday outfit to the store, to the pub whereas Brogues would be what you busted out with your Sunday best. Got it? Good. Let’s get tricky! Enter the Derby….

The Derby is the man’s weekend and evening shoe de jour. They are considerably more comfortable due to the tongue being part of the same leather as the toe of the shoe. They also have an open lacing as opposed to Oxfords/Brogues, which have enclosed lacing, and this only increases their comfort. Needless to say, the Derby has become a staple of most men’s wardrobes and worn not only for the weekend but in the office too.

Thanks to the likes of Aussie brand Vanishing Elephant and the rise of Geek Fashion, the desert, or chukka, boot has also been embraced by many men around the country. Mostly worn in suede of various hues, these are a great option to pair with shorts in summer when something a little more upmarket than a plimsoll is required.

Oh, and finally – never, ever, ever, ever is it suitable to wear sneakers with a suit. Just, no.

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