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By Benjamen Judd

If you took a quick look at all the advertisements chucked into your average monthly fashion magazine, you might be surprised just how many are filled with some celebrity’s photoshopped to pieces face selling a watch. For something that serves such a basic function, there is a definite fetish for the token timepiece. And the simpler in its appearance apparently the better. There is some sort of unspoken code that comes with wearing a $20K+ price tag item on your wrist that means it needs to look as discrete as possible.

Now, we are no stranger to lavish indulgences and let’s be honest, if we had the kind of cash where we could throw twenty grand at something that sits at the end of your arm, we would. But we don’t. So we covet instead. We also try and find alternatives that, whilst they may not be made of alien-grade sapphire and operate on the sweat of angels, they’re loads more fun to look at.

The Ziiro Saturn – coming in at a decent $233, this stainless steel digital timepiece is awesome. Completely inscrutable at first glance but once you realise how it all works, it’s a piece of cake. Hours display on the outside and minutes on the inner ring – perfectly in keeping with ZIIRO’s commitment to simplicity and minimalism in watch design. The casing is matte stainless steel, with a stainless steel mesh strap, and a choice of three colours: Black, Gunmetal or Chrome.

The Nixon Re-Run – a nod to the eighties, the Nixon Re-Run is your standard, gold metal digital watch. Simple, nicely sized and the kind of watch you should have on hand for when you don’t need one but you know it will work really well with those new shoes.

Swatch – The original Swiss watch. You could get Swatch anything really and it would be pretty fun. Added bonus is these watches are nigh on indestructible, are as affordable as a litre of milk and have such a huge range that you could easily grab a few so you don’t get bored.

And, finally, any Disney Watch you like! Judge us all you want, but seriously – don’t take yourself so seriously. At the end of the day these things sit on your wrist and tell you the time. If you’re going to have to look down at your arm every hour it may as well make you smile when you do it. DONALD DUCK FOR PRESIDENT!

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