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Heaps Crafty.

Oct 9, 2012  ·  2 min read

By Benjamen Judd

 ‘Hi, Tamara! We think your work is amazing and we would love you to make some stuff especially for us that no-one else can have.’

‘Thanks QT! I’d love to. Expect something super fun in your letter box!’

This conversation didn’t actually happen but we wish it did. Tamara Maynes is like the Yoda of craft and design. An expert with talents that require deft motor skills, Tamara is also a writer about craft, a teacher of craft and in some countries she is also the patron saint of craft.

She has been a regular contributor to Inside Out magazine, exhibited in He Made She Made gallery and even showed at the illustrious Milan Design Week. Her work is also incredibly diverse; although there is no doubt that she clearly likes those things made by hand and look like they have passed down the family for a few generations. Like her quilted lamp shade does!

Based upon her own original design, the quilted light is an easy to follow, step by step self-customizable lamp shade that can be made from nearly any durable and heat proof material.

After coming back fresh from London Design Week, Tamara is currently touring the country and holding classes to teach people how to make these amazing light features. We’re already trying to nab prime positions (we see Christmas presents sorted and done) but if you can’t make it, Tamara is also kind enough to have instructions available from her website so you can make her lights from the comfort of your own home.

To check out Tamara’s amazing products, or to buy instructions on how to make her Quilt Light, visit here.

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