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Furniture for your sweet tooth

By Benjamen Judd

We like things that are kind to the environment. And – we are not afraid to admit it – we also like things that are pretty to look at. So when they come together that just makes as happy little bed bugs.

Ply-Candy was launched back in June by furniture designer, Martin Moeller. Martin’s philosophy was to create a collection of contemporary furniture using sustainable materials that would also remain affordable to everyone. Martin also uses digital technology that provides precise cuts and finishes, minimizing waste in the construction process.

Some of the pieces are flat packed for shipping purposes and for those of you who enjoy building things for yourself, but for the most part they are all hand-joined by Martin in his studio once the cutting process is completed. And apparently, taking his detest of waste one-step further, off-cuts and left overs are repurposed into bangles and smaller items like candle holders.

The range itself is exquisitely minimalist with an overall Scandinavian feel – clean lines and surfaces, simple details and a practicality that isn’t lost in favour of their aesthetic.

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