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Carry on then

Sep 13, 2012  ·  3 min read

By Benjamen Judd

Carry On Then. We recently did an outstanding review of some bags available at an adorable little Etsy store and it seemed to have struck a chord with some of the guys here at the QT office. There was a bit of dissention in the ranks as to what was considered suitable baggage for the everyday male – are totes an acceptable option? What about a carry-all? Or the ubiquitous canvas and cotton book-bags that have popped up? They all have their place and frankly we couldn’t really come to an agreement so we decided just to list our top five favourites makes:

1. The Elk Jute and Leather Tote. Handwoven jute and German leather come together to make a bag that is not only practical and durable but incredibly stylish. The Elk tote also comes with a shoulder strap and all it takes is a quick wipe down to keep it looking good as new.

2. The Sanqvist Assar Backpack. Scandinavian design at its finest, this backpack is a god-send for those of us who need to carry random stuff without being given the space to over-pack things we don’t need (like three books, two magazines, several outfit changes and a pair of shoes. Not saying names.)

3. The Herschel Ravine Bag. The perfect gym and weekend away bag in a no-nonsense grey. Easy to clean canvas that won’t hold on to the residue stench of your gym shoes and a zip that is also waterproof. Comes with an additional shoulder strap. Lovely.

4. Emma Mulholland’s The Great White Backpack. Ok. So this one is clearly a love item and may not be the most practical on the list but who gives a fig! It’s bright and shiny and we like Emma and we’re putting it in. So there.

5. And last, but not least, that darned canvas/cotton/hemp book bag. Love them or hate them, they’re cheap, convenient and they can actually carry quite a bit should the occasion need. They’re washable, dye-able, bleachable and last forever. They’re also eco-friendly and can double as laundry bags, shopping bags, lunch-bags or shoe bags. We’ve been known to use them as laptop bags when we’ve had to race downstairs for a very necessary lunch in the park. You can grab these at most book stores but we like the ones at Berkelouw Books up in Paddington.

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