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Jul 12, 2013  ·  2 min read

By Benjamen Judd

If you have ever seen Karl Lagerfeld get ready you would have noticed that he is unable to leave the house without selecting a ring or three for every finger, a necklace, some bracelets, a cuff, some earrings, and several other trinkets for body-parts left unseen.


We like his style. However, the current market in jewellery design has been one that leaves a lot to be desired. That is, until we came across Henson.


Obviously, we all know Henson from their men’s clothing line that was made upon ethically constructed cottons. Since these early days, the, co-founder and designer Brent Gold and fellows have stayed true to their belief that good design and an investment in to fair living need not be mutually exclusive.


This year, the team at Henson have released a new range of unisexed jewellery that, in no uncertain terms, is the shit.


Having moved on from the use of crystals and stones, the pieces still reflect the love of all things organic. Hand-beaten silver and gold are teamed with pearls, black diamonds and onyx to create a look a pared back look. There are hints of Brutalism in there as well, which creates great contrasts with the rough-hewn shaping of the metals.


The new Henson jewellery range is already available online at their website, here.

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