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We hit the Spot(ify)

Apr 19, 2022  ·  6 min read

As Rihanna so aptly sings, “Please don’t stop the music”, and baby – there’s no way we’d consider it, because the T for the truth is music is an integral part of the everyday, and the QT way. Be it a split-second groove-down the elevator, or a lilting chorus to gee-up the vibe of your weekend stay-cay, it’s important to keep your backing track relevant and refreshed.

With the seasons changing and the world of entertainment following suit, we’re keeping up to date and fresh as a fox with our Played On Q – a staple of the moment game with our long-time love Andrew Lewis. As the days grow lean, the mornings crisp and clean, and your bed a little harder to depart, Andrew has been curating the new playlists for every cutie at QT.

As each property is an individual soiree of celebration, creating playlists to compliment the vibe is no easy feat – it may appear the dream job of the century, but Andrew applies years of industry intel to honour the nearest and dearest hospitality venues of your heart.
When we spoke to Andrew earlier this week, he gave us a tasty little insight to his day-to-day music ways.

“I’m constantly listening to music, it’s a never-ending thrill ride of UK drill, through to hip hop and funk, indie rock classics and everything in between. I’m forever searching for the sound that gives you the feeling of full body goosebumps. The music that makes you stop and commit to the moment.”

When asked HOW he finds these songs, Andrew is a rapid-fire of possibilities. “Since Covid came to town, I took the move away from DJ’ing, which was a space I organically found a lot of music. Without this, I rely on my friends and connections within the industry who send me through what they find and love. Spotify radio is always a fresh place, and even an amazing app called ‘Music Discover’ – type in an artist’s name and it’ll generate an algorithm run tree that will branch out and give you similar styles, genres, mixes… Shazam is a staple too. It’s not uncommon to find me standing on an elevated platform with my phone held to a speaker, telling everyone to quiet down while I find the origin of the sound.”

So what’s on the cards for Autumn? “Australia and New Zealand don’t have as pronounced seasons as North America, so taking the opportunity for autumn to blend the warm, happy & sunny tones of summer with the gentle, cosy and darker vibes of winter feels very apt. It’s all about the journey for the listener, so even day to night the vibes are reflective of this balance of sunny days with a chilly edge at dusk.”

From Q to T, we will give you the musical rundown (just click on the hotel name and subscribe to your vibe.)

QT Bondi 

A residential space at the heart of a famous beachside playground, it’s important to set the tone of the moment as soon as you enter the lobby. Morning begins with beach-chill with Vallis Alps through to Yumi Zouma, right to the evening where the sunny sets keep rolling through for an old reggae soul alternative, rock,surfer sounding, indie new-age with an old school presence. Anything with a Fender guitar that feels like waves over your toes and sand in your hands.

QT Canberra

Begin the day with an espresso and a pumped up Bossa Nova jazz vibe with the likes of Benny Carter and the Sonny Rollins Quartet. As the parliamentary capital of the country, the mornings are for moving and grooving. As the sun sets, you’ll find the tempo take a step-down into chill hop and low-fi hip hop with jazz instrumentals – think Glenn Underground and Hotmood.

QT Melbourne 

As the eclectic capital, Melbourne has something for everyone, and with 80’s and 90’s remixes to greet you in the lobby, you’ll be singing your way through check-in. There’s classic Brittany through to Aha’s Take On Me. And that’s just the entrance! For Pascale’s we have 60’s Motown; old soul mixed with new, and a dash of vintage sounds. Think modern music that sounds vinyl.

QT Perth 

A cheeky classic on the Western edge, you can’t go wrong with the chocolate tunes of vocal jazz; Sinatra, Dean Martin, but with a twist of Italian flair at Santini. Accompany this with the Rooftop drenched in new disco and chill house. Whether you’re watching the sunset or waking to the sunrise, the mood is prepped and prime for golden glamour.

QT Queenstown 

Swing into painting the town dazzled with your first stop at Reds bar. Chill hop with a twist of jazz, primed to funky soul chow down. The 60’s and 70’s make a strong appearance with the likes of Leaf Beach, CHIC and even classic cool such as, Dusty Springfield.

QT Sydney 

The bell of the ball is the brand spanker refurb of Gowings. Teaming up with Chef Sean Conolly for a Soprano’s inspired soundtrack to push the pin in ‘Awesome’. Post punk 70’s and 80’s rock, Iggy Pop, David Bowie… Sean’s playlist set to star. Parlour Cucina warbles away with vocal jazz in the morning – Louis Prima and Sinatra tip their tune as you warm up with an espresso.

QT Wellington 

Hot Sauce is a steamy number with high energy and music to match. With everything from bar tunes to sing to, funk soul to groove to and house music to raise your hands. Step through to Hippopotamus’ and find a cooler number, the vibe set deep to your bones – with international fanfares across French, Italian, and Brazilian tunes, you’ll travel the world from the edge of your seat.

QT Auckland 

Jumping back in with the big man Sean Conolly, his exciting taste in music has seen a smooth set for the day, with cool indie chill – pitched against the dynamic mix of jazzy drum & bass for the night. Here you’ll find a Black Seeds remix through to Billie Eilish, and everything in between.

QT Gold Coast 

Pastel heaven with beach pop, sing-along indie and day-time party brings the happy, the fun and soaking up the sun. Think sugar, tans, and beachside lounging, this is the venue where the party starts at dawn. You’ll pull in the evening tunes with chill house vibes set to swathe the night just right and bright, with a hint of that famous GC glam.

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