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The Spa Nomad’s Top Tips for a Winter Glow

Aug 9, 2023  ·  4 min read

Chilly season got your skin looking a little lacklustre? Ours too. In search of perfect pores, it’s tempting to head to faraway shores – think Japanese onsens and Turkish hammams for dedicated winter ‘skincations’ – all in the name of wellness. The good news is; you needn’t travel far. In fact, The Spa Nomad brings five-star spa services to you, within the walls of your own QT sanctuary. 

We enlisted the help of expert skin saviour and bona fide glow-getter, Kristen Teo, Director of The Spa Nomad – our favourite mobile spa service and facialists of choice. Read on for Kristen’s top tips for looking after your skin in winter and her desert island – or in this case, snowy mountain – must-have products. 

Kristen Teo, Founder of The Spa Nomad, has the most enviable year-round glow


Tell us about The Spa Nomad, how did the idea come about?  

I founded The Spa Nomad five years ago to incorporate accessible and convenient self-care rituals into the everyday lives of the busy and the time poor. After noticing so many struggle with stress, anxiety and burnout, I wanted to help people discover the wonders of professional treatments and importantly, embed regular self-care into their lives. The Spa Nomad offers professional massage, advanced facial treatments and eyebrow treatments from the comfort of your own QT room to help you unwind and enjoy a much-needed pamper session. 

The Spa Nomad pamper station set up in the comfort of your own QT suite.


What are your top tips for looking after your skin in winter? 

Winter can be hard on your skin. I would suggest hydrating, protecting and moisturising as three keys to boost skin health. To hydrate, drink plenty of water and eat hydrating foods. Water helps your skin stay moist and plump, and fruits and vegetables with a high water content provide extra hydration and nutrients. 

Protect your skin by wearing SPF every day, as the sun’s UV rays can still harm your skin in winter. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50, applying to face, neck and any other exposed areas. Don’t forget your lips! Protect them with a lip balm that contains SPF too.   

Cold air can make your skin dry, flaky and irritated. Use a rich moisturiser suited to your skin type and apply generously. A hydrating sleeping mask can also help your skin stay soft and supple in the cooler months. On that note, be aware of hot showers as these can also lead to dry patches and uncomfortably dehydrated skin. 

Exfoliate gently in winter to avoid further drying or irritating. To encourage skin healing, use a humidifier at night. 

What’s trending right now? 

Lymphatic massage is having a moment, and we include this in all our advanced facials. Facial massage techniques help to reduce fluid build-up, making your face appear more sculpted. It also helps your skin absorb ingredients, increases blood flow to the skin and assists in clearing your complexion, giving you a radiant glow.  

Which Spa Nomad treatments would you recommend for winter? 

An Oxygen Facial infuses the skin with a blast of oxygen, along with our customised hydrating ampoule. Helping to hydrate and nourish the skin, this treatment provides relief from winter dryness and restores moisture balance for plump and radiant skin. 

Our Thalgo Hydration Facial comes with a double mask for hydrating and remineralising thirsty skin. It helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, providing a protective shield against harsh winter elements. 

If you were stuck on a snowy mountain, what three skincare products would you bring with you?

A Thalgo Hydrating Spray, an SPF 50 sunscreen, this one by iS Clinical is my pick, and the iS Clinical Recovery Balm is a must-have for winter.

Book a stay and unwind with Spa Nomad’s meditative R&R rituals for your skin. With a prescribed winter regimen, your visage will be less iguana and more nirvana in no time.

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