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Creating Bold Beauty with Aleph

Nov 25, 2020  ·  4 min read

An iconic presence at the doors of QT Auckland, our Director of Chaos is the guardian of the world less conventional that lies within. An expert insider to the City of Sails, they have a flair for the theatrics and bring magic to each guest’s stay.

To inspire confidence and charisma, Directors of Chaos needed a bold look. With full access to a green room, they complete their look with a full range of clean, New Zealand-made makeup by Aleph, QT’s partner for all things beauty.

To capture the spirit of this collaboration, we caught up with Aleph Beauty founder, Emma Peters, who not only set out to create a curated makeup range that stacks up to her values, but the mastermind behind the signature QT Auckland makeup looks.

Director of Chaos Aleph

QT and Aleph are a match made in heaven! Can you tell us how the partnership came about?

We were so excited to be approached by QT as this was the perfect partnership to showcase the fun and experiential element of both of our brands. A good friend of mine, from years working in the film and makeup industry together, was involved in the styling for QT. As a big fan of Aleph herself, she knew our New Zealand made makeup range would reflect the playful, creative and indulgent atmosphere of QT Auckland. This partnership really captures the innovative design of the Aleph product range and the vivaciousness of the QT team.

What was your inspiration behind the signature look for the Director of Chaos?

When we found out about the Director of Chaos, we knew we had the perfect products up our sleeve. So, we fast-tracked the release of our signature red, Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Sangha and our newest Radiance ~ Star. The combination of this bold, vintage red and celestial cream glow was made to stand out in a crowd. The Director of Chaos is such a vibrant character, and we wanted the makeup to not only look the part but to make the wearer feel the part too. A powerful red gives you an instant confidence boost, and there’s something special about an orchid pink glow.

And how does the Director of Chaos look stand out?

When the Director of Chaos look came together, it really took hold of the cheeky playfulness that this character brings to the QT experience. The makeup was designed to complement the boldness of their role, with the entire look made to make a statement. Similarly, the other looks for the fabulous teams across the hotel were designed to complement their uniforms.

How can guests achieve these looks? Any tips and tricks?

Aleph Beauty is a minimalist, multi-functional range that is designed to be quick and easy to use. Anyone can recreate these looks with just a few tips and tricks. As a makeup artist myself, with nearly three decades in the industry, I’ve filmed a range of tutorials which are available on Aleph’s website. Here you can find which product combinations were used to create all of the QT looks and learn the application techniques.

What’s the one product you can’t live without?

I can’t choose just one product! I’m so excited to start wearing both Sangha and Star as they’re the perfect pair for a party look. Although we used these products to create the QT looks, we’ve only just launched them to the general public. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what looks people create and hopefully the Director of Chaos can inspire them to try something fun and bold.

QT auckland Aleph

Naturally, though, what makes the Director of Chaos is the person. Fearless in exploring their creativity, they can switch it on and dial it up. Guest-obsessed, empathetic and connects with others at lightning speed. Quick with recommendations, they’re in the know, with tips for hidden gems and happenings across the city up their sleeves.

Find out more about Aleph Beauty and the products used to create the Director of Chaos’ looks with a flair of bold innovation.

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