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Art Stories: A look at sustainable creation, Kōtuku

Victoria Fuller, QT Auckland’s Night Manager, spends her evenings immersed in the creative pieces hanging on the hotels walls and shares a tale of one of her favourite pieces.

QT Auckland’s lobby is home to a very unique piece of art, Kōtuku by Louise McRae.

Sustainability is a value embodied throughout her art as she creates pieces from discarded building materials and other recycled resources. Due to her ability to transform scrap into an unexpected and beautiful form, Louise is a true talent, known as “an alchemist of materials” 

Kōtuku (White Heron) is a special work hung on the walls in front of the hotel’s reception,  created with debris from her own rural environment. She painted upon scrap and reassembled them into varying shapes and formats. Though undoubtedly made through physical labour, the artwork looks as though the woodworks had floated into their respective positions, as if it was made to be there.  

Her other works have a unique quality of self-generation. Meaning, that even through the personal touches she has put into it, the natural characteristics of the materials remain evident. 

Kōtuku by Louise McRae.

When I first stood in front of Kōtuku, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at Louise McRae‘s creative talent and her commitment to sustainability. Every time I pass by, I’m in awe of how she has used discarded materials to create something so beautiful and unique. It was truly inspiring.  

The piece reminded me of the natural beauty of New Zealand and how important it is to protect our environment for future generations.

Located in Esther restaurant you’ll also find Louise McRae’s New Moon’s Bowl (Pink) & The Moon’s Pull (Dark) art works in a similar style.

Written by Victoria Fuller, QT Auckland 

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