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A Letter To QT Auckland

Jun 25, 2020  ·  2 min read

Dear QT Auckland,

We’ve started to notice a coastal-kissed twinkle in the eye of Viaduct Harbour. It may go unnoticed to some, but for us, it’s all too familiar. Swan River had the exact same glimmer.

You and I, we have a lot in common. Sunsets that ease into the golden ocean, part city part innovation hub. And what we lack in world famous landmarks, we make up for in character and charm.

Before we opened the doors to our designer oasis, our big sister at QT Queenstown penned us a letter welcoming us to the family. We thought it fitting we do the same – after all, what’s family for?

You’ll be joining a whanau of nine. QT Gold Coast is the eldest overlooking the electric blue coastline followed by QT Sydney who will always remind you they’re the flagship (we let them think they’re the favourite). We’re all a phone call away, from QT Melbourne’s industrial chic landscapes, QT Canberra’s political quirks, the sea air of QT Bondi, snow-capped scenes of QT Falls Creek and of course your South Island sister at QT Queenstown and cousin at the capital, QT Wellington.

You come from a line of award-winning restaurants and bars, but we have a feeling you’ll be best friends with us and QT Melbourne. You see, we’ll share the bond of sundowners from Rooftop at QT (Ha! Take that Sydney!).

Guests will love to take photos of you. And luckily, we revel in the spotlight – don’t worry, we never get camera shy! Your rooms will be a designer sanctuary of endless possibilities. Your restaurant will be the hottest table in town and the locals will never tire of showing you off.

We adore throwing lavish parties but also know when to be cool, calm and collected. You’re a destination for the thrill-seekers, partygoers, quiet thinkers and creative minds.

See you in October, QT Auckland. We’re excited you’ll soon be the latest QTie on the trans-Tasman map.

With Love,
QT Perth.

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