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A Collection of Hot Sauce Favourites

It was a sweet, breezy Summer day in wonderful, wee Welly, and Taiko Drumming can be heard echoing around the corner of Cable and Tory Street. Local food squads Wellingnoms, CapitalEats, Welly Foodies and Love Welly dance down the red carpet to a fierce courtyard full of silk lanterns, champagne and of course, ain’t no Hot Sauce party without fire.

Hot Sauce opened its door for good Saturday 23rd September and we’ll happily serve up some recommendations.

A few of our faves bringing the heat:

Sake To Me

This one isn’t just fun on lips, it’s tasty from the first sip. A refreshing elixir of fresh cucumber, Tanqueray gin, housemade dill syrup and Kubota Senju Ginjo – “1000 Long Lives” Sake. We can’t guarantee the whole giving ‘1000 lives’ claim, but as ‘sake’ is in name, we can promise a dry, crisp and light sake adding layers and a touch of sweet.

Once muddled, shaken, strained, we’ll perfectly place your new sunny day drink on your table with a snow pea garnish.

Guangxi Pork Bao

Bao’s have been on the rise recently, and we’re making sure it’s here to stay. Our bao dishes come in three delicious parcels so you know that the bun/meat/sauce/garnish ratio is on point in every bit. Sweet soy, salted chilli and peanut are all familiar to the modern day palette but *Guangxi pork, maybe not so much.
*Google description of Guangxi cuisine: Guangxi cuisine is an anomaly amongst Chinese cuisines in that it is known for borrowing elements of other styles of cuisine rather than having its own distinct flavour. It is sour, but not as sour as Hunan cuisine. It is light, but not as light as Cantonese cuisine. It is spicy, but not as spicy as Sichuan cuisine.
So, all the delicious flavours of Chinese perfectly balanced, – and never overpowering.
Our menu’s designed to share, and this dish comes in three but you might want to rethink that upon first sight.

‘Ello Vera

Among the toasted rice syrup, aloe vera, lime and bitters – we have tequila.
Not all heroes wear capes, and we don’t need any proof that the Espalon Repsodado tequila in this tipple isn’t a hero. This tequila is intense and vibrant, was made for cocktails, the ‘Ello Vera for instance. The Reposado hangs out in American oak barrels resulting in a roasted flavour and deep layers of char and caramel. The ‘Ello Vera has been our most popular cocktails, as Wellington has been getting to know it’s character very well – Slightly sweet, slightly tangy, and slightly smoky.
“Another round please” – Overheard at Hot Sauce Wellington.

Yakult Rice Pudding

Ah, Yakult. The delicious probiotic fermented milk drink that contains an exclusive probiotic LcS (L.casei strain Shirota). That doesn’t sound overly appealing, but we all know from our childhood that this sweet, milky beverage was the only thing close to a health product we happily accepted from mum. You had us at Yakult but we should also mention, rice pudding fans, this is for you. It’s adorably served with chocolate Pokky and a tart cherry compote.

From 4pm, 7 days, the above and more is waiting for you.
Hot Sauce, 90 Cable Street, Wellington

Check out a sample menu HERE.

words by chris lee

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