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Girls Only Getaway? Permission Granted

Jul 7, 2022  ·  3 min read

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram and getting clammy-palmed urges to book a European getaway, this is the sign you’ve been looking for… to not do that. Start planning a low-key weekend away because girl, that’s just what you need!

Burnout, stress, time away from the children, or just in need of a laugh and a gossip, a girls trip can work magic and might be just what the doctor ordered for a little mid-winter pick me up.

Travel blogger and radio travel correspondent Megan Singleton did just this, so she’s given us the recipe to a successful a getaway with your girl-squad to Wellington. We’ll raise a cosmo to that.

What are the key components of a girls weekend getaway?
For the perfect girls weekend, you need a great place to stay that’s a little bit luxe, is walking distance to restaurants and shops and has some pampering options like a high tea, maybe a spa treatment and certainly a cocktail.

We know a place… it starts with Q and ends in T

You’ve travelled all over the world – what makes a staycation special?
To me, a staycation is a holiday in your own country, and even better, your own city. I love a staycation because ultimately, they’re just so easy! No major planning, just grab a cheap flight or take the car… a bonus, as you don’t have to limit the amount of shoes you’ve packed! If you’re flying to your stay-cay destination, the great thing is no passports or vaccinations are required, no currency to figure out or airports and subways to get lost in. Bliss.

What’s your favourite thing about QT Wellington?
The art on the walls. You’re really having a sleepover in an art gallery, it truly is such a magnificent experience. 


What is on your must-do list with the girls in the Capital city?
Obviously shopping is a MUST. Cuba Street, Willis Street and Lambton Quay are my go-to for Kiwi fashion brands and fun finds. What’s a staycation with out wining and dining. Eating lovely food, preferably with a view or at a restaurant that’s iconic is just what you want for a staycation – and there are plenty of these in Wellington. Get dressed up, celebrate with bubbles and talk over fine food. It’s just what girls do. Floriditas, Ortega Fish Shack (very close to QT), Hippo, Logan Brown… there’s so many options in Wellington. I’ve rounded up some things to do in Wellington that you won’t find in the guide books here.

Gather your besties, we’re going on a stay-cay! Q the laughter and the wine, good times are being dished out plenty at QT.

It’s time to bask in bright lights and cityscapes, where you are director and winter star all in one. Permission? Granted.

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