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Parlour Cucina

7 days
7am until 11pm

Parlour Cucina

If you’ve never heard the purr of your Vespa mingle with sunset seabirds calling across the Italian Riviera, then shrug it off, because this is the meal you were fashionably late for; simple, fresh produce passionately prepared and served with classic generosity.

Flavours that evoke feeling. Dishes to illuminate dates and desserts to sweeten friendships. Dining that starts with the eyes, and works its way down. A beautiful room, lit low, enjoying Aperitivo Hour in Sydney’s secret deco destination.

Intimate tables and burnished bar to suit the smart casual and effortlessly elegant. Order freely from a menu that embraces simplicity over superficial flair.

Fresh calamari fritti and carpaccio like Capri. Match with vino di tavola flowing from a laid-back list, and you’re in heaven on Market St.

This is a dinner destination that kisses you on both cheeks.

There’ll be flavour. There’ll be sparkle, passionate conversazione. But you know what they say. If you don’t like a little heat, stay out of la cucina.

Nota bene: Serving espresso day and night.

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