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The Goose Has Landed: Recipe for the QT Bubble Tea

Apr 10, 2024  ·  3 min read

Gather your flock as we uncover the tipple of the season, the QT Bubble Tea, created by our talented Rooftop at QT mixologist, Tseg Asresse. 

Served sky high as you perch amidst sun-drenched nooks or nestled under the verdant canopy overhead, sip on the finest Grey Goose vodka, infused with the essence of seasonal botanicals plus a mandatory twist of house quirk. Oui, QT! 

We talk to Tseg about the inspiration behind the cocktail, and the recipe so you too can make this at home or visit The Nest by Grey Goose on the Rooftop at QT to have one made by Tseg herself.   

Why is the QT Bubble Tea the standout drink for you on the new The Nest by Grey Goose menu?
The QT Bubble Tea truly steals the spotlight on the new menu at The Nest by Grey Goose. With its infusion of classy QT flair and captivating theatrics, this refreshing spritz is a stand out. 
Throughout our menu development, spritz-styled cocktails have consistently ranked as guest favourites, motivating us to elevate the experience to new heights. 

QT Bubble Tea QT Life
Rooftop at QT mixologist, Tseg Asresse

What do you love most about working with Grey Goose?
Our favourite thing about working with Grey Goose is sharing ideas with their creative teams. As a brand, they always go above and beyond to create activations globally that are recognizable and memorable. We have worked together to keep their level of excellence, with a QT touch. The result is a beautiful oasis that beckons guests to unwind and savour our selection of bespoke cocktails.  

How do you approach incorporating seasonal or local ingredients into your cocktails?
Our approach is to ensure a diverse palette of flavours with each drink on the menu. For The Nest by Grey Goose, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on utilising fresh and vibrant fruit flavours. From the essence of lychee to the invigorating zest of raspberry, there is something for everyone.  

What’s your favourite memory or story from behind the bar?
Our bar team is truly like a family. We work closely together every shift and high team energy is our key to success. My favourite bar team memory is this past New Year’s Eve. We all brought in the New Year together and shared big hugs and smiles. After hustling to get the bar closed, we all went on an adventure to the beach and swam with the sunrise. A truly wholesome memory for all of us.  

Ingredients for one QT Bubble Tea
45ml Grey Goose vodka
15ml Lychee liqueur
15ml Peach syrup
30ml Green tea
15ml Lemon juice
60ml Soda
5ml Peach popping pearls

1. In a spritz glass add in all your ingredients
2. Add in your ice and place a bar spoon of peach popping pearls on top 
3. Garnish with some fresh slices of peach and a sprig of mint  

QT Bubble Tea QT Life
The Nest by Grey Goose on the Rooftop at QT Perth

The Nest by Grey Goose has taken over the Rooftop at QT until the end of May so harvest that feeling before it’s growing, growing, gone. 

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