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Stay Your Way – Living the QT Life with Hotel Manager Stephen Hollow

In the world of hospitality, Stephen Hollow, is a true connoisseur of the finer things in life. Known for his impeccable taste, style and penchant for understated luxury, QT Perth’s Hotel Manager embodies the essence of QT’s “Stay Your Way” campaign. We had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss his ideal hotel stay, favourite aspects of QT, and some unexpected personal preferences. 

So Stephen, what is your ideal stay away?
I look for a blend of comfort and style that allows me to unwind in understated luxury. My ideal getaway includes a beautiful view, exceptional food, and the perfect pour to tantalise the taste buds. And, if on the cards, an overseas destination so I can immerse in different cultures and experiences. 

What is your favourite thing about QT?
What sets QT apart, is its unique personality. Each QT hotel has its own distinct character, and the team members effortlessly channel that vibe. This attention to detail ensures that every guest will enjoy a personalised and memorable experience. 

What is your favourite thing on the menu at QT Perth?
My go to dish is Santini Bar & Grill’s Zucchini Flowers — a sun-kissed taste sensation! But it’s not just about the food; I enjoy a long black coffee to kick start my day, and a classic Negroni or chilled Chardonnay to unwind and savour the mild moments at day’s end. 

Favourite place in Perth?
You can’t go past sunset on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, cocktail in hand. 

Your guilty pleasure?  
A deep tissue massage, it always helps me unwind and rejuvenate. 

Your favourite thing to splurge on?
What I love to splurge on most is a great dinner paired with a luxe bottle of wine surrounded by family and friends. It’s all about creating extraordinary moments and celebrating life’s pleasures. 

In a world where staying at a hotel is not just about accommodation but an experience in itself, Stephen embodies the spirit of QT’s “Stay Your Way” ethos. His love for understated luxury, appreciation of unique personalities, and passion for fine food and wine make him the quintessential ambassador of the QT lifestyle. So, whether seeking serenity or revelry, QT Hotels and Stephen Hollow welcome you to embrace your QT side and stay your way. 

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