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QT Cafe

Monday – Friday – 6:30am – 1:30pm


Monday – Friday – 6:30am – 1:30pm


QT Cafe

Wake up to QT Café. We’ll be ready to start your day with the coffee you just dreamed of. Grab a quick early cuppa or perch bar-side for a bit of B&E banter. We offer premium chat and seasonal beans from first light. Our baristas grind steamy pick me ups and refreshing cold brews, just give us a wink if you need something a little stronger.

Petite treats, pasta and paninis served in sleek atmospheric delight. Luxe contemporary Australian design with a nod to retro funk. You’ll be polishing off delicious cafe bites under high reflective ceilings. Come in for a fancy fleeting moment or to ponder the day away.

QT Social

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We hate to play favourites, but some of our guests are lavished with even more special attention than usual. Want to know what you’re missing out on?

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