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The Design Dreams of QT Perth

Jun 8, 2018  ·  3 min read

We’re not sure about you but the anticipation is killing us! QT Perth has been a QT vision for a while now and we are all waiting with baited breath for the unveiling.

We had a chat to the designer of the public spaces such as the restaurant, bar, reception and lobby, Nic Graham. We also had a sit down with Shelley Indyk who was the brilliance behind the room décor. Both are long-time friends of QT and true masters of all things design and have given us a little sneak peek at what to expect from this beauty in the west.

The public spaces

Interior designer, Nic Graham is the genius behind the masterpieces that are QT Sydney, QT Melbourne, QT Gold Coast and QT Bondi. Needless to say, he knows QT extremely well.

According to Nic, the concept for QT Peth was quite similar to QT Melbourne in terms of architecture and presentation.

To give you a picture of what you can expect, channel the history of excess in 1980s Perth.

With a wink to all things vintage and fashion, there will also be a touch of old-school cinema opulence but with an essential hint of the local Perth environment.

The colours are paying homage to central Australia, the Western Australian mining industry and the expansive surrounding seascapes with terracotta mixed with turquoise blues and greens.

The glamour can be found in the restaurant and bar with elegant additions to create a purely ‘Champagne vibe’.

The rooms

Shelley Indyk has also worked with QT for years. She has graced us with her aesthetic prowess with QT Melbourne, QT Sydney and QT Museum Wellington. Her design skills are phenomenal and she and her team have the ability to just get the QT style.

With the aim of a ‘more luxurious’ approach than QT Melbourne, Shelley set to bringing the beauty to fruition. It was all about exposing and showing the opulence and ostentatiousness of the 80s.

It ended up being a bit of a go big or go home environment. Lovely big bed heads are mixed with a classy yet lavish colour and material scheme that make for a brilliant combination.

In true QT style, the art and wallpaper were carefully planned and picked so, no doubt, they will stand out and be a statement in the rooms and the whole hotel in general.

As we all know, each QT is different. They all have their own personality. There are some lovely lifelines running through all to connect the QT family but we are proud to say they are true individuals. QT Perth is no exception and will surely be a character in its own right.

words by emily carstairs



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