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The Art of Aperitivo

Aug 1, 2023  ·  2 min read

Do as the Italians do, welcome Aperitivo Hour as your evening ritual. 

Derived from the Latin word ‘aperire,’ meaning ‘to open,’ aperitivo hour was someone’s brilliant idea from way back when, to awaken your appetite before dinner. Where the workday ends with a strut into your local piazza, you’re met with kisses on both cheeks, not before a light beverage and a selection of simple, salty snacks as the sun sets.  

So, what is Aperitivo? Legend has it that Antonio Benedetto Carpano, the creator of modern vermouth, started this tradition in Turin during the 1780’s, as he crafted a perfect balance of bitter and aromatic herbs and fortified white wine to stimulate the appetite. Vermouth’s popularity soared, spreading the ritual of aperitivo throughout the country. 

A beloved aperitivo is the Aperol Spritz, even more so thanks to White Lotus season 2. Aperol, prosecco, and soda water come together in a failsafe 3-2-1 ratio, garnished with an orange slice and served over plenty of ice, it’s refreshing, invigorating – just bellissimo. Campari and Aperol, renowned Italian aperitifs, embody the essence of Aperitivo Hour with their iconic ability to perfectly balance bitterness and sweetness. 


Now Santini doesn’t have the piazza, but we do have the Sorrento setting to help you embrace the joy of Aperitivo Hour within Santini Bar. Hidden beneath the rooftop hustle, let the magic of the Mediterranean surround you as our team serves up impeccable service and a vibrant atmosphere that will leave you wanting to return night after whimsical night. 

Sound like a bit of you? Join us from 5pm to 6pm for 60 minutes of pure bliss. Santini Bar is where the art of Aperitivo Hour comes to life. 

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