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Christmas Tablescape Guide 101 with TaBelle’s Nicky Lawrence

Jan 11, 2024  ·  6 min read

As the festive frenzy of Christmas draws near, our excitement exceeds the exchange of Kris Kringle gifts and Nan’s legendary pavlova. It transcends into the artistry of being the ultimate host, creating an ambiance that harmonizes with the spirit of the season. Amidst the sparkling lights and jolly tunes (cue Michael Bublé), there’s a particular kind of magic in becoming the maestro of the perfect Christmas tablescape, turning your dining table into a canvas of festive fun – because let’s be honest, food simply tastes better on a beautiful table.

However, orchestrating the perfect tablescape can sometimes feel like untangling Christmas lights – a tad (okay, very) overwhelming, especially for those diving into it for the first time. Where do you even start? What theme do you choose? And how much is too much? We totally get it… the holiday season can indeed be a bit hectic. But fear not, magnificent party host, because we’ve got your back. We recently sat down with the magical mind behind TaBelle, Nicky, who spilled all the secrets in the ultimate guide to mastering the art of the perfect festive tablescape. Get ready to sleigh your hosting game!

Hey Nicky, thanks for saving us this Christmas season. How long ago was TaBelle born and what motivated you to start?

TaBelle was born out of a love for entertaining. I was spending my weekends hosting dinner parties and high teas with friends and family, so I figured it was time to turn this little passion into a full time project.

I also saw a gap in the market for hiring luxury tablewares. I personally was spending way too much on table decor and was only using the items once or twice (very wasteful). So, I decided there needed to be a local company who hired out designer wares for those moments in life that looked epic, without the huge price tag.


Which Christmas themes and colour palettes do you find most effective for creating a festive atmosphere?

Christmas used to be reserved for a colour palette of red or green only, and if you were REALLY brave, a pop of gold. But now? There are no rules! I still like to utilise these colours personally as it’s nostalgic, but also experiment a little. For example, you love red for Christmas but want to mix it up? Take inspiration from the Barbie era everyone’s obsessed with right now and opt for a red/pink/white colour palette. Pink on Christmas I hear you say? I promise – it’s a vibe.

As for general themes, I’m loving bow’s this year. It’s so tasteful and of course is a nod to the presents you’ll be giving and receiving.


What are some cost-effective yet impactful materials or decorations to include in a DIY tablescape?

Florals and greenery from your own back garden (or the neighbours) can be a cost-effective, yet impactful choice for your DIY tablescape. Florals add so much colour and life to a table – and in most cases, doesn’t cost a cent!

Another reason why I love the ‘bows’ theme this year is it’s very on trend but also totally cost effective. All you need to do is purchase material (or even use the leftover ribbon from your present wrapping). You can tie stunning bows around your glassware and candles and it just adds a luxe touch but doesn’t break the bank.


Tell us your top five tips for creating the perfect Christmas Day tablescape?

  1. Be really clear on your theme and colour palette before purchasing any items. Then once you have a theme, commit hard. Can you make a Christmas cocktail to match your scape? This sort of effort and theming can really bring your scape to life.
  2. Candles. They can be Christmas themed or just simple white candles, but whatever you choose, they add a level of atmosphere that elevates your table and brings a little magic.
  3. Florals. From the garden or your favourite local florist, florals really do bring a lot of joy because of the colour and smell. They tickle the senses.
  4. Food presentation. We know whatever you’re doing throughout the day, at one point you’re definitely eating! Have a think in advance about how you’ll serve your food. You’ll be surprised what epic platters and vases can be re-purposed for Christmas Day that will take your scape from basic to boujee.
  5. Customisation. I love name cards or customised moments for guests. Plus, it means you can control where the drunk uncle or rowdy cousin sits at the table (sorry not sorry). Head to your local Officeworks for a cheap and easy printing option!

Any magic tricks for making a tablescape look like it took weeks to plan, even if it was done in a festive frenzy?

The secret to a tablescape looking well put together is having different heights. Tall florals beside short candles or vice versa!

Also, lots of candles can bring a stack of atmosphere and are minimal effort. Place them and light them – voila!

Another secret is to let the food do the heavy lifting. Spend an extra minute presenting the food well and it can bring the table to life. Doing a tomato and bocconcini salad? Shape it into a red and white layered candy cane on your finest platter!


If this is all too hard, how can someone contact TaBelle and are you available to help create the perfect Christmas Day tablescape?

Contact us at if you’d rather someone else do the theming and curating! I get it – it’s called the silly season for a reason.

At TaBelle, we drop off and pick up the tablescape settings (catering from four to 18 people). We’ve got some amazing tablescapes to choose from and have customised each of them with Christmas themed name cards this year so they feel extra special. It also means next year you can choose a brand new theme because you’re not outlaying the cost! All of our wares are also designer and will feel oh so special, for the special people in your life!


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