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A Letter to QT Newcastle

Dear QT Newcastle,

We hear something luminous is arriving soon. From one harbour city to another, we recognise that spark. Because we’ve been there before. From Auckland with love, all eyes are on the East End – trust us. A new moon on the horizon, and soon enough we’ll all be basking in your glow.

Before our very first guests dared to explore what was behind closed doors, QT Perth penned us a letter of encouragement. A pre-opening pep talk if you will, with wisdom only a big sis could impart. Now, we’re passing the torch – it’s family tradition after all.

There’s no wonder we’re related, yet you bring a whole new perspective to the unexpected. While we serve shoreline shimmer, you’re all about a more mysterious glimmer. Metallic mood to stand the test of many moons. Rooms to emerge completely renewed. A signature restaurant that devours delight from day to night. And a rooftop that doesn’t stop.

One of ten, you’ve inherited the family’s good looks, good taste, good manners and propensity to party. Design-led details, renowned restaurants, signature service and venues to play host to top-notch events. We’ve been known to throw caution to the wind when the time is right, but maintain our professionalism when it’s business unusual. Luxe with a side of quirk, it’s all relative.

As a QT, you’ll never be one to be eclipsed. Get used to leaving guests in awe. It’s kind of our thing.

An otherworldly escape, you’re exactly where you need to be. We can’t wait to see you soon.

QT Auckland

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