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Yoga in the City

Jan 13, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by niall roeder

Yoga attracts all different types of people. There are devout yogis with vegan-energised biorhythms and there are the yoga-haters who’ve been convinced to try it for the first time. You’ve got your weekend warriors that don’t hit the pillow before 4 am Friday – Sunday, but are committed to the weekday cleanse. And then you’ve got the posers with all the gear, but the closest they’ll come to obtaining moksha is the hashtag they add to their Sukhasana pose Instagram post. And all the others (call them crazy), who just enjoy increasing flexibility, clearing their mind and maintaining their body’s range of motion.

Yoga seems to be more popular now than ever and when looking for a yoga studio, the choice can be overwhelming. We took a look at some of Melbourne’s best yoga studios and realised that just like yoga attendees, each studio has its own personality.

One Hot Yoga
One Hot Yoga has taken things to the next level when it comes to 21st-century yoga – they’re rocking a fancy hydronic heating system that hydrates the eyes and skin as the temperature increases and a slick décor utilising recycled building materials. They offer other classes besides their 37˚C and 27˚C sweaty classes, like the Friday Flow – themed classes involving live music, blindfolds, body rolling, laser lights and 80’s soundtracks.

Yoga 213
Posing to Pete Rock. Bending to Biggie. Funkmaster flexing. Yoga 213 is Australia’s first hip hop yoga studio, need me say more? These guys have Vinyasa classes to loud and soft beats, foundation classes and classes that lead you down the rabbit hole.

Humming Puppy
Never mind if you’re into yoga – if you’ve got a keen eye for design, then you should check out this studio. It’s slick. Really slick. It’s all straight lines and minimal and clean, meaning nothing is distracting, but each room is interesting, easy on the eye and has an effortless look that only comes from precise craftsmanship. As for the yoga, their classes are a breath-pranayama, movement-asana and awareness meditation hybrid – giving students a unified and holistic practice.

Breathe Wellbeing Studios
Breathe has a lot going on. They run over 150 yoga, Pilates and functional fitness classes every week. This is the spot if you’re looking for yoga and the rest – these guys pride themselves on being able to fine-tune or totally change your posture, muscle balance and movement patterns based on the latest research.

Move Yoga
Move is another hot yoga joint, and offers Power Vinyasa classes for beginners and advanced in rooms floating between a toasty 28° and 35°. Get sweaty.

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