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Go Vintage in Melbourne

Fashion is one of the most perfect ways to express your individuality. It’s also a very cyclical industry. What goes around comes around, they say, especially in fashion. Old becomes new, new becomes blah. But vintage is always in…

Melbourne is known for its unique, trendy and enticing take on fashion. The city and surrounding areas have some of the best vintage shops you could ask for. But, be sure, we are talking classy and cool, not mothballs and matronly.

Here are some particularly intriguing chic vintage shops in Melbourne to keep an eye out for.


Picture an uber inviting storefront packed with luscious looking leather boots, belts and bomber jackets. Gimme gimme! Shappere is authentic vintage all the way, and they even rework unused vintage fabrics to make even cooler things. It’s funky and innovative, while still being right up most peoples’ alley. Very wearable – super spot on.

Where: 191 Smith St, Fitzroy

Vintage Sole

This place brings vintage streetwear at its finest, I must say. But that’s not all that Vintage Sole has to offer. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Boutique, vintage shoes fancied up (or not so fancied up if that’s cooler) and sold to the nearest fitting foot. Who doesn’t want an old-school pair of coveted Chuck Taylors or funky pressed down leather boots that don’t even exist to buy new anymore? Albeit slightly icky at first thought, the shoes are well treated and maintained. You’ll be bringing back the cool kicks from yonder in no time!

Where: 258 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
6/37 Swanston Street, Melbourne
153 Chapel Street, Windsor

Madam Virtue & Co

Combining the old and the new is Madam Virtue & Co. Expect to find classic designer pieces alongside newly crafted offerings. With original Alexander McQueen creations and vintage Chanel, Hermès and Gucci accessories sitting side by side, this is not for the faint of vintage fashion hearted. Indulge and be free, my pretties!

Where: 5 Crossley Street, Melbourne

For some oh so darling accessories, look no further than a couple of somewhat hidden gems.


Boasting glistening pieces of antique jewellery from the Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Victorian times, Keshett brings the true vintage. Gorgeous vintage. Makes you feel like a princess vintage. It may seem indulgent but if you are interested in beautiful pieces of jewellery (art, really), make sure to peruse their offerings.

Where: 323 – 325 Little Collins Street, Melbourne


Che Eyewear houses the largest collection of vintage eyewear in Melbourne. Packed full of delightful designs from the 1950s through to the 1980s, there is no better place to stop and shop for vintage glasses. The choices are endless and beautiful, and they have both eye glasses and sunglasses. They also offer a vintage reproduction service for prescription lenses, so if you are keen on a certain style, they can try to make it happen for you! Service and product at its finest.

Where: 363 Smith Street, Fitzroy

words by emily carstairs

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