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Street Art in Melbourne

words by niall roeder

Victoria’s capital city isn’t lacking in the backstreet, alley and laneway department, which means from a street art point of view, the city is one big canvas just waiting to be stencilled, sprayed and mural’d. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the city’s urban art scene is internationally renowned and has been since the 1980s. From Flinders Court to ACDC Lane, we look at where you’ll find the biggest collections of street art in Melbourne.

AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place
Those who’ve visited AC/DC Lane in the past might not recognise the paint-covered way these days. The mural that once sported a fire and lightning clad Angus Young power stepping across the wall is now all about the Purple One. Since his demise the Acca Dacca tribute passage has been sprayed into a Prince tribute passage and it’s epic. There’s still an demonic (and purple) Angus Young and I’m sure it’ll return to all AC/DC soon enough.

Hosier and Rutledge Lanes
Hosier Lane is opposite Federation Square and is one of the more (in?)famous street art landmarks in Melbourne. The cobblestone lanes are home to art en masse. Take your time and give everything a proper gander – every door, stone, bin, window, drain and wall is covered with some sort of stencil, tag, paint or posca.

Blender Lane
Blender Lane was once home to the Blender Lane Artist Market, which is now sadly looking to relocate due to developers not extending the lease. However, the art (for now) remains! Many a party and session has been had in the Blender (more like Bender Lane, am I right?) and hopefully this street art sweet spot will continue. Get down there with camera in hand before it’s too late.

These are just three of many street art hot spots in Melbourne. Follow the list and map below for more… and let us know of any new ones you find.

  • Centre Place
  • Union Lane
  • Presgrave Place
  • Russell Place
  • Croft Alley
  • Stevenson and Tattersalls lanes
  • Drewery and Sniders lanes
  • Caledonian Lane
  • Corner 361 Little Bourke Street and Rankins Lane
  • Finlay Lane
  • Behind corner of Queen and Franklin streets

Check out a map of the main street art spots here.

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