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Royal Croquet Club

cover image by kristoffer paulsen

words by ben stephens

Get out of town! No, wait, pull a swift 180 and make tracks to Birrarung Marr. Much like this time last year, the Royal Croquet Club is about to take over the ground once again, bringing with it a whole stack of warm summer night activities. The kind of stuff I know you don’t want to miss out on, you social animal, you.

Just quickly, did you know: the first game of croquet went down in 1856 in London. 12 years later, the progressive thinkers of the empire formed a group called the All England Croquet Club and held the first croquet meet up. There was a game that Charles II of England played with the French that had similar rules. Sadly, that was in 1283 and no one seems to have written the name of the game down. Shame really.

What we can learn from history is that it would be rather silly to not join the team at the Royal Croquet Club while they take up residence in Melbourne. It goes without saying but… document it, so we don’t loose our spot in history. #royalcroquetclub should do the trick.

Kicking off on December 8 and sticking around to December 23, this club will be packed with food that you want to chow into, as well as a live music line-up that rivals Laneway*
*depending on how you look at it.

Lil’ Nom Nom’s, Pow Kitchen, Hoy Pinoy, Up in Smoke, 8 Bit Burgers and the gelato gods from Messina will be looking after your food requirements. It’s such a solid mix of food, only to be outdone by the likes of Dope Lemon, Hayden James, KLP, Touch Sensitive and Jarryd James, all taking to the stage to cap the party off on Friday and Saturday nights.

Royal Croquet Club is free from Sunday to Thursday. To catch any of those live acts, it’ll only set you back $20. We here at QT Life would highly recommend that you purchase a season pass ticket, giving you express entry every night and to every show.

Royal Croquet Club is on a Birrarung Marr from December 8 – 23.

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