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The Music of QT Melbourne

words by ben stephens

When we decide to open a QT there are many things that go into the planning. The location has to be right for that QT feel. A busy, inner city location works well for Sydney and Melbourne, while the distance from town at a property like Port Douglas only adds to the experience. Once we have the site, then we get our architects to show us what they’ve got. Nic Graham, our wizard designer is on hand to throw in his feelings, while Amanda Love can be found around the globe searching for the right pieces of art.

It’s quite the team.

With all this going on, there is a gentleman named Andrew. Andrew looks after all the sounds you hear when you’re in any QT property. He has an ear for damn fine music and knows how to curate your experience with sound alone.

Many guests to QT Melbourne are curious as to what sweet beats are joining them during their QT adventure and to keep your thirst at bay, here’s a little sample.

Kicking things off the music plays with the Paris end of Collins Street vibe with a nod to some classic French Hip Hop/Rap classics.

Here’s Lunatic; A Paris-based duo made up of Ali and Booba who were at the top of their game in the late 90’s, sadly splitting up in 2003. The boys went on to do solo projects with Booba becoming the most illegally downloaded artist in France:

Yoy might know the electric beats from the Justice boys. Also hailing from Paris, these two have seen huge success with their synth-pop-house albums.

Bringing in that funk vibe, while still mixing with a little hip hop is Mr Anderson .Paak hailing from California. Anderson really ties the QT Melbourne in nicely with those sweet guitar solos and smooth vocals… he’s pretty damn good!

The three above give you a good taster as to what the whole playlist is all about. A tapestry of French hippity hop, with some funk trimmings and a good dose of synth-pop-house… As a little gift for your post QT blues, here’s a Spotify playlist featuring all the QT Melbourne favourites:

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