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Four Try At Melbourne Dumpling Festival

Could dumplings be the ultimate food? Porton controlled with a perfect amount of meat or protein offering with an uncomplicated number on vegetables. There is no equal.

There is something about the humbling dumpling. It sits there as a little pocket of flavour. From the outside, you’d have a slim chance at guessing if it contained prawn, pork and chive, yet that just adds to the excitement.

Maybe just maybe, you’ll stumble over a flavour combination that you never knew you loved.

There needs to be a celebration in the name of the humbling dumpling: Welcome to the Melbourne Dumpling Festival.

For one night only, October 20, from 5.00pm to 10.00pm, 206 Bourke Street will be transformed into some sort of dumpling heaven!

All this excitement can lead to anxiety rather quickly as the mind begins to unpack what that means… just imagine the sheer number of dumplings that will be on show…

To help you out, here’s a little guide to the four to try:


Tim, as I’m sure he’s called, is a dumpling lord. With a cult following of his restaurants, you’d be silly to walk on by. Chef Mak, a Michelin-starred chef is on hand at TimHoWan and it shows. Be sure to get into the Beancurd Skin with Pork, Mushroom, Cabbage & Carrots. It’s next level good.

China Red

Pork. Fried. Dumplings. Sit that little parcel of love into a little soy, chilli and vinegar bath and wait about three minutes. What you have there is something that will make you giggle as the taste fades.

China Chilli

The deep-fried Tofu with a super sweet and sour sauce will have you lining back up again and again. If you don’t believe us, give it a whirl. So damn good.

Dragon Boat

Keep these guys in mind when it comes time to consider a sweet treat. Their Golden Sand Buns are filled with a sweet and salty egg custard that just makes you want to rip another apart.

Oh, hey there, you keen for free dumplings for a year? All you need to do is tell 206 Bourke your favourite place and then you’re in with chance to win – tell them your thoughts HERE

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