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Burger me up, Buttercup

Jun 20, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by kim batto

Oh burgers; the all-time American favourite that has grabbed worldwide attention. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this majestic, artery-clogging invention? We have searched high and low for a range of flipping good burgers. So here’s the shortlist (you’re welcome):

Started from Footscray, now we’re here. 8Bit have set the burger bar high. With two locations (Footscray and CBD) and a pop-up store last year, you know they’ve got the good stuff. The After Burner is a crowd favourite, but they also have the Zelda burger that’s got a chickpea, corn and quinoa patty that would satisfy your vegetarian friends. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

You can’t go wrong with a 1090 burger. 10 percent fat and 90 percent meat is their not so secret patty ratio, and believe us it’s the best and only maths equation we’d accept. Their burger buns are so soft, and the structure of the whole burger is so satisfyingly neat you can literally eat it without looking like a hot mess, very important for that first date.

Brooklyn Depot
Finally reaching the most liveable city, Brooklyn Depot has proven themselves worthy. Situated in Lonsdale St, playing 90s hip-hop/RnB like TLC and Biggie this spot is a no brainer. Their Fuhgeddaboudit burger comes out with a lethal hot sauce injection that makes this burger so much more enticing. Not the easiest to eat, but the struggle is worth it.

Fat Jak’s
Famous for their heart-stopping Fat Jak burger with double 170g patties, double cheese, and double crispy bacon – if happiness can be eaten this is it. But if you’re not up for the challenge, their Truffle Shuffle is also a must try. It includes truffled garlic mushrooms and truffle mayo (need I say more). Don’t forget to maximise your visit by taking advantage of their unlimited soft drink refills – they make it in house !

Royal Stacks
For those who want to live on the edge, order The King from Royal Stacks. This next level carb loading masterpiece includes a handmade mac & cheese croquette that believe it or not is in the actual burger. Now time to finish your meal with a cup of frozen custard, churned daily and on-site – we know you want to.

Rest assured, burgers from the list above will have you continuing The Foundations’ song, I need you (I need you) more than [anything], darlin’. You know that I have from the start. So [burger] me up, buttercup. Don’t break my heart.

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