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Your Guide to the Melbourne Fringe Festival

It’s that time of year where Melbourne gets that little bit more weird than usual, welcome to the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Now in its 35th year of bringing the fringe to the masses, 2017 seems to be setting up for a festival to remember.

It’s the place for pure unadulterated fun, stacked with performances that’ll no doubt stretch the mind. The festival prides itself on welcoming the misfits, the different, the weird and the strange, to come together and celebrate the uniqueness of individuality. As the boundaries are about to be pushed out for another Fringe edition, we here at QT Life take a look at what’s on offer and what not to miss.

Your Guide to the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival:

Taking over the Fringe Hub on September 20 & 21 will be the best sup par reunion of the Spice Girls you have ever seen for Spice! A Singalong. Bring all best friends and your lovers to join the girl gang in singing the classics of the 90’s over two banging nights – say you’ll be there.

When it comes to messing with your favourite childhood memories, return to the familiar street with all your cuddly friends ready to welcome you back. Can you tell me how to get to Sexame Street? From the Big Top Burlesque comes a reworking of your favourite childhood haunt with all your friends. It’ll be a nostalgic walk down the street as you go over the ABC and the single digit numbers. Running for two nights at The Eureka Hotel, this will be a festival highlight for sure!

With so many damn fine acts it’s hard to pick the top one… But Lawrence Mooney in A Night With Malcolm Turnbull should do the trick. It’s the way he pronounces Fire Hydrant that really smacks you with the funny stick. With so many issues on Malcolm’s mandate at the moment, the Moon Man will no doubt take this piece to new levels.

Live Art
Looking for Dick (in all the wrong places) 
is a new piece that plays with the ideas raised in Chris Kraus‘ novel and solid read I Love Dick. The performance will be exploring the ideas of sexual and romantic obsession as well as power hierarchies – ‘… After all … I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to Dick her.

This piece may not sound child-friendly, though it is coming off a much-loved tour of the Adelaide Fringe with huge praise all round. I Don’t Like Children, Children’s Show is a magic show that’ll have all children play apart of the magic and promises not to be another boring magic show.

There is so much on this Fringe that the above doesn’t even scratch all the goods on show. Be sure to check out the full programme HERE

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