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Your 2018 Melbourne Checklist

Jan 10, 2018  ·  3 min read

New Year’s resolutions are when we resolve to change an undesired behaviour. When it comes down to it, it’s usually something we don’t really want to do. Something we think we should do for arguably superfluous things like, I dunno, our ‘health’ and our ‘wellbeing’.

But, why can’t New Year’s resolutions be fun? Maybe you want to party, eat and explore more in 2018. If it’s making you happier, surely that’s a win, right?

We look at what should be on the New Year’s resolution checklist for people living in or visiting Melbourne.

Get lost in Arboria

A kaleidoscopic walk-in maze of inflatable technicolour tunnels and colossal domes, Arboria was inspired by the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. Explore this Melbourne-only creative marvel designed by Alan Parkinson of internationally acclaimed Architects of Air (UK), and tick something off the ‘try something different’ list.

When and where: Arboria will take place in Federation Square from January 6-28.

Party at White Night

White Night is a citywide takeover of mammoth proportions. For a 12 hour period, Melbourne’s streets, laneways and parks are overrun with installations, live music, on-street projections, gallery shindigs and good old-fashioned revelry.

Get amongst the carousing and keep an eye out for the floating ‘liquid sky’, the Serpent Mother Burning Man installation and Soda_Jerk vs The Avalanches – a sample-based film scored to The Avalanche’s critically acclaimed album, Wildflower.

When and where: White Night Melbourne will take place across the city Feb 17 from 7pm-7am.

Visit Legobar

Everyone loves Lego. Most people love bars. Some genius has connected the two and we’re all the better for it. There isn’t yet an open date for Legobar, so stay tuned to the website and get ready to establish a reconnection to your childhood … whilst still being slightly sloshed.

“If you’ve been waiting for an excuse, or your parents have given away your once beloved blocks, this new pop up Adult-Legobar might be just what you’re looking for” – Legobar geniuses

When and where: Legobar will take place in Melbourne – date TBC.

Gawk at the NGV Triennial

Bringing together the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, the NGV Triennial is like the World Cup, but for art. It only comes around every three years, so save yourself from a triennial-gap of regret and put it on the New Year’s resolutions checklist.

When and where: The NGV Triennial is running from December 15 2017 – April 15 2018 and admission is free.

words by niall roeder

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