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7 Epic Fried Chicken Joints In Melbourne

Jul 18, 2017  ·  3 min read

Whether living or visiting, there are a few things you should know about the city you’re in. Where to find the best bars and where to find the juiciest burgers definitely make the top 5 of the need-to-know list. Another is where the find the best fried chicken.

From Korean to Southern, new school and “just cook the damn bird” style, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to fried chicken in this city. And to make sure you’re on top of your deep fried game, we’ve listed 7 of the best fried chicken joints in Melbourne.

Gami Chicken and Beer

Pioneer of Melbourne’s Korean fried chicken scene, Gami has been successfully slanging crispy hen since 2006. The menu is simple – how do you want your chicken – which part, with bones, boneless, sauced?

We recommend grabbing a friend and ordering the Gami whole chicken (with bones) cut into 17 pieces, with spicy sauce, washed down with 4L GUN:BAE Lager (exclusive to Gami).


In a similar vein to Gami, Chick-in is playing the Korean chicken game. And they’re also playing it pretty damn well. If you’re big into your accompaniments, Chick-in might be for you. They have Korean-Western fusion-style sides like kimchi fries and Soju mojitos to seal the deal.

Fried and Tasty

Fried and Tasty by name, fried and tasty by nature. Besides epic southern style fried chicken, F.A.T. has poutine, pickles and massive chicken burgers that really live up to the acronym. The Double is a beast and comes with two crispy fried chicken breasts, double American cheese, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce, F.A.T sauce.

Henrietta’s Chicken Shop

For a joint known for their 12-hour brined, bush food rubbed and slow cooked rotisserie chooks, Henrietta’s Chicken Shop sure does some mean buttermilk fried Wings. Combine that with some chicken poutine, charred corn with chipotle butter and a Brunswick Bitter tinny and it’ll be near impossible to wipe the smirk off your greasy face.

Juanita Peaches

If you want a sweet name, sweet design and sweet fried chicken, Juanita Peaches is the gal for you. Your best bet it to go with two or three friends and get the Cookout Box, which comes with popcorn chicken, nine pieces, two fries, slaw and sauces.

Rockwell & Sons

Free up your Wednesday nights from now on. That’s chicken night at Rockwell & Sons. The chef on duty will brine, buttermilk, fry and segment a whole bird and pick sides for you and your mates – all you need to do is pay and stuff you face. Be warned – it’s a very popular night, so make sure you book.

Leonard’s House of Love

Leonard, you devil. In addition to pouring jugs of house beer for $12 and spitting out seven new burgers each week, Lenny does delicious crunchy fried chicken with pickles and chipotle mayo, and an XXX hot wings for our leather-tongued friends.

The charcoal chicken fries and chipotle bolognaise fries are a revelation – so make sure you get those on the side.

words by niall roeder

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