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Five Senses Coffee

If you’re not head over heels in love with coffee, you might want to skip over HERE… For the lovers, read on.

You know that feeling after the initial sip of that morning coffee – you know the one, just after the sun has popped its rays over the horizon – you take the coffee from your friendly barista, wish them a good day. From here you feel the appropriate warmth through the insulated cup and the fuzzy feelings begin. From here you raise the cup to your lips, the hand trembles, as the liquid gold is tilted, and the flow of the roasted brew meets the taste buds and the mind loses itself for a moment. After the out of body exploration, you land back on your feet, with a feeling that anything is possible and attack the day as such – by midday you are crashing and as you try to recreate the morning magic, the realisation that the buzz above, only comes about by the morning tide moment.

A good friend once quipped ‘7-11 coffee is only .9 of the product, but .3 of the price’. I always thought there was something in that, though after a couple of road trips and early starts, that one buck coffee doesn’t quite cut it. There are a number of reasons as to why it doesn’t cut it. Bean selection, roasting techniques and equipment used to produce the brown juice are just a couple of them. I put it down to my senses, though, all five of them. They just don’t enjoy what’s going on there…

Speaking of Five Senses, I want to tell you a tale that starts back in 1997, in the Chimbu Province, in central Papua New Guinea. Dean Gallagher, West Australian born, finds himself as the principal of a school, in an area rich in coffee bean farming. Move forward a couple of years and Dean finds himself back in Perth, still with strong ties to PNG and the farmers he counts as friends. The year is 2000 and Dean’s roasting beans in a shed, 1 kilogramme at a time as the first beans are sold under the name of Five Senses Coffee PTY LTD.

Jump forward once more, 16 years or so and the brand is all about sourcing and creating a roasted bean that holds a quality that isn’t matched. Still working with the original farmers from PNG, opening up trade in Indonesia with a new mill in Simalungun and expanding to Africa and South America, the blends have never been so diverse. The Five Senses tale feel far from over with the team now spread between Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, offering coffee tastings and training sessions in the capitals.

As well as the diversity, we here at QT Melbourne are buzzing that we are using them as our exclusive coffee provider, ensuring those magic mornings a regular thing.

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