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December in Pascale Bar and Grill

Dec 1, 2016  ·  3 min read

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard many stories about Pascale Bar & Grill’s Executive Chef, Paul Easson. Once I heard that he wrestled sharks while free diving off the southern tip of Africa. Then there was that story about how he was on track to compete in the World Surf League as a young wildcard. Apparently, it didn’t go to plan due to a knife-juggling incident. My favourite story is the one where he and Anthony Bourdain took an 18-day train journey through eastern Russia with a crate of vodka, something happened and the boys ended up driving the train for the most part.

It’s important to note that none of the above has been confirmed; Easson remains rather tight-lipped on his past adventures. One thing is for sure, though, Paul’s passion for cooking, muddled with his creativity and love of fresh produce, creates an absolute knockout menu. That’s not my bias talking, that’s just a fact.

Take for example the current menu at Pascale Bar & Grill. It’s packed full of summertime delicacies.

Come with me as I walk you around the menu, pointing out three highlights, directed of course, by my friend Paul.

Let’s start with a summer salad, it feels right. Fresh from Faranda Farm in Werribee South, you’ll find their baby beetroots at home in the Salt Baked Baby Beet Salad. Teamed with an ashed chèvre, fresh curd and juice from the beets. This starter will open the palate nicely and acts as a reminder that fresh is always best.

Working our way up to the main course, try the Sommerlad Chicken Truffle Terrine-Pissaladière. The terrine is packed full of flavour, working with Victoria’s premiere chicken, the gherkins, capers, parsley and mustard tie this up as a must try.

Grab three of you carnivorous collective clique and order the Wagyu ‘Family’ Tomahawk. It’s huge. It has a marble score of 7+ and Paul roasts it over wood in the Josper Oven. Served with duck fat potatoes and garlic bone marrow. Simply put, it’s a masterpiece.

Lastly, Paul wants you to run wild when it comes to the dessert options – I, however, would recommend the Napoléon Blanky, it’s just so damn sexy. Then again the Rustic Chocolate Stove is a work of art.

You know what? Order both.

That’s our walk through the December Menu, with 2017 knocking on the door and a whole host of new producers to try. We’ll check back in the new year to see what Paul and the team are up to.

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