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Creative State Summit

When it comes to creativity and designing an environment where it would naturally flourish, some say that the need for constant change is what keeps them flowing with new ideas, while others make their way to mountainous caves to get away from all the noise.

To further explore the idea and nurture that creativity, last year the Victorian State Government put $115m into the Creative State Strategy. A funding that will see creative industries promoted in the southern state until 2020, by enlisting the help of others from around the world, while learning how to best create a creative province.

Victoria’s creative market is already leaps and bounds ahead of other states; employing over 220,000 people and generating over $1.4b in exports. Those figures are huge and seem to be just the start with 3 more years left of the Creative State Strategy.

This week, Melbourne will be playing host to first Creative State Summit, produced by our good friends at REMIX. The summit will host over 100 speakers from all over the world, descending on Melbourne to talk all things creative, like how art and design can better build a city and how affordable housing can contribute to a more creative mindset.

The summit will aim to discuss ideas that seem bold at first glance, though hopefully become a reality as we strive to future proof the productive creations of Victoria.

With the Summit happening over June 29 – 30 at various venues around the city, this is a must-see event if you’re even remotely interested in design, art or ideas… So you best already have a ticket as the summit itself is completely SOLD OUT!

LUCKILY… The whole damn thing will be live streamed right HERE.

So you can settle in and hear talks ranging from How to Build a Creative State, Dangerous Ideas, the Future of Storytelling and Access & Inclusivity.

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