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Clean Up Australia Day

Feb 23, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by ben stephens

A couple of days ago I was with some friends and they were talking about how from time to time the name of a certain place will slip their mind. This resulted in a hilarious story where one of them couldn’t remember the name of the country with the koalas and the sunshine and kangaroos. In place of the Commonwealth of Australia, my dear friend went with ‘you know, the big island’.

The hilarity of the human mind aside, it got me thinking about how rad the country of Australia is, all it’s own island and what not. It’s ridiculous when you think about it, we’re just a massive landmass with huge coastlines that never end. Beaches with sand that squeaks and weird animals like the platypus – it’s a duck/possum hybrid that doesn’t get enough love. What a creature

I’ve digressed, enough about duck possums, more about those coastlines.

They are super precious and from time to time we take them for granted.

Thankfully, as a yearly reminder to not be a tosser, Clean Up Australia Day is on March 5. This day aims to highlight the importance of coastlines and the environment. Now in its 28th year, there are currently 5314 clean up sites registered for this year.

Last year in Queensland alone, 3.1 tonne of rubbish was removed around the state, with cigarette butts being the number one item collected, followed by food packaging.

If you want to create, join or just check out more information on Clean Up Australia Day, head over HERE.

Or if celebrity endorsements are your thing, Kelly Slater dropped this moving piece of motion picture content… #itsnotok

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