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The Tom Roberts Exhibition

By Jemma Mrdak.

Simon Baker visited Canberra recently, yep Simon Baker, as in the stud from The Mentalist, The Guardian and The Devil Wears Prada… anyway, he is a big wig overseas and he’s Aussie. Talk about fantastic home-grown talent. We don’t get big names here in Canberra very often (besides the pollies, but they don’t count), so when he visited the nation’s capital to launch the Tom Roberts Exhibition at the National Gallery Of Australia, and sign on as the new ambassador for the Gallery, we all had a bit of a fan girl moment.

Tom Roberts (1856-1931) was a great Australian artist, and was arguably one of the country’s BEST known and most loved artists. His key subjects were broad ranging, but included figures in landscapes, landscape figures, industrial scenes and cityscapes.

Roberts travelled widely around Australia, and particularly to sheep stations in rural New South Wales. There he produced some truly iconic works- Shearing the rams, A break away! The Golden Fleece and Bailed Up – works that are now embedded in the Australian psyche, as he intended” – The National Museum of Australia

For those who struggle to spend time wandering through galleries (for some, this is calming and super enjoyable), we understand, but we assure you that the Tom Roberts exhibition is something that even the least arty-farty type will enjoy. And appreciate. And it will make you feel proud to be living in such a glorious country.

Guided tours of the exhibition and the gallery are delivered daily at 11.30am. We suggest taking one of these so that you get the most out of the exhibition, and come out knowing more about Tom Roberts than he did himself. This is by far the exhibition of the year (big call, I know, but I’m saying it) and one that you do not want to miss. Get out of the heat this summer and head into the NGA to experience the many wonders and talent of the Tom Roberts Exhibition.

Image: Shearing The Rams, 1890, oil on canvas on composition board

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