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Philadelphia Fish Punch for 6

Mar 10, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Melissa Twidale.

OK, OK, so this was slippery story to look into… When I first ordered the Philadelphia Fish Punch I was thinking to myself ‘where are the fish?!’ Surely there’ll have something darting around in that bowl. But no fish… So let’s find out why it’s really called a Philadelphia Fish Punch.

Fish House punch has been steadily served since 1732 and is the official refreshment of the oldest club in America, the Schuylkill Fishing Company (also known as the Fish House). The Fish House was an gentlemen’s association devoted to escaping the house, but also to cigars, whiskey, and fishing… which of course is a fancy way of saying a “boy’s club”.

With all good legends, there are often multiple versions of the story. There is one account that implies that the punch was invented to celebrate the momentous occasion of women being allowed into the premises of the “Fish House” for the first time in order to brighten a Chrissie Party. Seems plausible.

Then there’s the tale of America’s first president, ol’ George Washington, who was always keen for a drink or twenty. It’s said that after a night of Fish House punch in Schuylkill, he wasn’t able to make a diary entry for three (very dusty) days.

The Fish House club on the Schuylkill River has since been replaced and or moved, however the citizens (club members) still gather there to feast on barbecued pork, grilled steaks, planked shad, and perch cooked in skillets, all of which is washed down with the clubhouse’s namesake punch.

Fish House Punch is made for lazy summer afternoons, or when heated and mulled – lazy, winter weekends. Pop into Lucky’s and check this punch out for yourself… just don’t go fishing afterwards.

Philadelphia Fish House Punch for 6

Appleton Signature Blend, Brandy, Crème de Peche, Lemon, Demerara Sugar, Mint Lemon, Peaches

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