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Meet the Artist: Jane the Spacecadet

We sat down with local interior designer Jane Lauinger, the latest artist to showcase their work in partnership with the hotel’s community arts project, ‘Your Art. Our Halls.’

Lauinger’s Spacecadet features an eclectic array of reimagined vintage furniture and will be on display within the hotel lobby for two weeks from Friday 17th May.

Jane the Spacecadet

When did you start interior designing/decorating?

Answer: I’ve been renovating and restoring heritage type houses around Australia for almost 30 years, and learned the interiors aspect of design on those projects.   I obtained my formal qualification in Interior Decorating about two years ago.  The skills used for renovating a house translate very well to furniture remodelling on a micro scale.

What draws you to vintage furniture?

I’ve always loved the style, iconic shapes and proportions of vintage homes, furniture and decor.   I love the fact that working with a vintage piece means the finished work will be completely unique – a one-off collectable.  And wonderful things are saved to be enjoyed by another generation.

What’s it like being a local artist in Canberra?

Canberra is an amazing place to be a creative as the community is incredibly supportive of local talent, and everyone is very connected – and on the lookout for things that are original and cool.

The ease of getting around the city, and also to the many towns in the vicinity, means there is so much opportunity to meet other artists and be exposed to a wide range of inspiration and also to search for those perfect vintage pieces to reimagine!

Do you think adaptive upcycling is becoming more popular?

Oh yes, absolutely.  People are very conscious now about recycling and reducing landfill, and are looking for ways to be a part of that.  The imaginative, experimental nature of adaptive reuse has great appeal as well.

What’s your craziest artwork to date?

Hard question as they are all intentionally at least a bit quirky!  But I think the prize may have to go to a new display stand I’m working on for the QT exhibition called “Legs Eleven”.  The base is a pair of old mannequin legs I found at Green Shed

“Legs Eleven” Display Stand


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