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The Flavours of the Month… July

By Niall Roeder.

There are a few new flavours floating around Capitol Bar & Grill this month. A few new flavours indeed. Cheeky little ingredients that intrigue the mind and please the taste buds, like Franquette walnuts, schinkenspeck, pastured open-range eggs and Spanish red peanuts. Luckily for us, our forager has the choice connections and brings this stuff from the farm, straight to our kitchen.


The schinkenspeck comes from Tino Dees’ The German Butchery in Sydney. Tino and Kati Dees brought their love of traditionally made continental small goods from their German homeland via a spell in Russia. Here they have continued to produce award winning cured and smoked meats. Tino’s schinkenspeck is a cold smoked cured pork leg aged for three to six months, which can be sliced paper thin and eaten raw like prosciutto or chopped into lardons and cooked. It is delicious.

We use this meaty delight in the “Auguste Escoffier” Cold Day Salad (Sautéed lettuce and soft organic egg, warm spiced German style bacon lardons, asparagus, cheese crisp).

Pastured, open-range eggs

Emily and Michael Kobier of Brightside Produce have been supplying us with beautiful pastured eggs from their Isa Brown chickens for a few months now. They have also just had their first growing season supplying Canberra and Queanbeyan residents with chemical free produce – on under an acre of land. They grow everything from seed and use organic techniques, and are working towards starting to supply some local restaurants this spring.

We also use these in the “Auguste Escoffier” Cold Day Salad.

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