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Get Cranky With Grumpy Old Women

Apr 5, 2014  ·  2 min read

By Benjamen Judd


We have a soft spot for bitter memaws. There caustic ‘IDGAF’ approach to pretty anything that life throws at them is something we too hope to achieve one day. And one way we intend on learning how to become said bitter memaw is attending the return of Grumpy Old Women – Fifty Shades of Beige to The Playhouse on Saturday, May 10.

This jam-packed show comes from the original authors, Jenny Éclair and Judith Holder and includes all your favourite Grumpy topics… learning the art of ‘Grumpy Grooming’, the joy of large pants, a free nagging master class (how to get your own way without him even noticing), beards for women and which style will suit you?

Complimentary anger management workshop, middle-aged drinking: the rules, navigating the smorgasbord of worry, voluntary euthanasia vs. retirement, how to customise an unwanted pole dancing kit and a mercifully brief Zumba demonstration. All this and more!

Inspired by the ratings-busting BBC Two series and best-selling Grumpy old Women handbook, Grumpy Old Women Live, is a celebration of the pre-, peri- and post-menopausal female condition. Three live and rather furious females take to the stage for an orgy of middle-aged mayhem, with not a thong in sight. Don’t forget your bifocals.

Grumpy Old Women – Fifty Shades of Beige will show at the Playhouse at Canberra Theatre Centre on Saturday, May 10.

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