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In Conversation: Ashley Feraude

Aug 31, 2017  ·  5 min read

Here at QT Canberra, we are lucky enough to come across a diverse and eclectic mix of talented creatives…and we can’t get enough. One such fellow is Ashley Feraud… or you may know him better as his DJ alias, Magnifik.

Ashley has been involved in QT Canberra’s musical endeavours for a while now and is the brains behind getting some great DJ acts at our very own Lucky’s Speakeasy.

He’s a busy man- as well as being a DJ, creative consultant and music producer, Ashley is the Director of Music for Canberra’s premier fashion event, FASHFEST, this September.

We were able to pick Ashley’s brains about all things music and Canberra. What a man.

QT: Hi Ashley!
AF: Hi guys,

QT: You know we’re a big fan of what you do here at QT Canberra, having worked with you for quite some time. We’re excited we have another shared interest coming up- this year’s FASHFEST! Can you tell us a little about how you’re involved with the event this year?
AF: I’ve been lucky enough to be brought on as the Music Director for the third year running. Either it’s slim pickings out there or I must be doing something right! It’s a superb experience that changes every year as we raise the stakes and to showcase the evolution of amazing music talent in Canberra.

QT: We hear you’re playing on closing night under your DJ alias, Magnifik. Without giving too much away, can you give us an insight into what the crowds can expect?
AF: Indeed, I am doing a Magnifik performance along with vocalist NeonHoney of a new track titled ‘Underwater’. Despite knowing the track very well, as well as the content of the show, something magical and unexpected happens on the night when all the elements come together … I can’t wait to share that moment with everyone.

QT: What sets FASHFEST apart this year?
AF: It truly changes every year—not just the fashion, the music or the theatre of the show—but also the people. No two years are the same and each year the designers, the musicians and even the public try to top their performance from the year before.

QT: What does the future hold for Magnifik?
AF: Lots more releases, a lot of corporate productions (such as the recent work for ACTEW AGL, McDonalds and of course Fashfest) and even a side project under the alias Mateusz, which will be a self-indulgent journey into the deeper side of my taste in music. I can also say that I’m very excited to be working with some new Canberra vocal talent … isn’t this city great?! That’s a rhetorical question.

QT: We’re pretty proud of our blossoming capital and here at QT we love supporting artists and designers. How do you think Canberra has progressed in these areas over the past few years?
AF: Canberra has clearly started to respect art in a broader sense. This is partly because the national institutions like NGA and NMA have been bringing in stellar exhibitions, partly because QT and other cultural precinct locations have been pushing boundaries, partly because cultural events like ArtNotApart and music festivals like Spilt Milk have been drawing in mass crowds …but mostly because Canberrans have started sharing and promoting art in their everyday lives. From small artist hot spots in cool bars to bespoke bicycle designers and large fashion events; it’s all here. And because Canberra is still a small city, all of this is interconnected. That blossoming you speak of will only continue to grow and grow.

QT: What would be your advice to out-of-towners visiting Canberra?
AF: Bring all the stereotypical preconceptions about Canberra with you and watch them melt away as you sink into Canberra’s culture. Grab a local and ask them what they do and where they go, then you’ll quickly learn why they live here. Yes, you might get cold at times but hey, nothing is perfect.

QT: Of course, being so on the pulse with music, we have to ask: What’s on your playlist right now?
AF: In the spirit of making this answer accessible, I’ll refer to a playlist I’ve been listening to a lot on Spotify titled Sweet Soul Sunday. Yes, it is as mellow as it sounds but perfect for working to. Otherwise, if you’d like something more upbeat you should try this playlist on Spotify by some guy called Ashley Feraude: Purest NuDisco or even Purest Lounge. Enjoy.

QT: Thanks Ashley- it’s been a pleasure!
AF: The pleasure was all mine.

interview by annie brown

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