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Eat Drink Blog 2015

By Niall Roeder…

After eating and casting virtual opinions throughout our capital cities over the last few years, Australia’s food and drink bloggers conference will find itself in Canberra this October. Cafés and eateries, how does this make you feel? Scared? Exited? Embrace it!

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but food blogging is most definitely “a thing”, people get paid to do it. Seems like a fulfilling job, a pretty sweet way to make money, doesn’t it*? Eat Drink Blog 2015 is bringing a gaggle of recognised foodies, smart phone photographers, bloggers, reviewers and SEO experts together to share their mad skillz with aspiring digital foodies.

Nine speakers will present at the conference, headlined by Matthew Evans, the popular author, ex-chef, TV presenter and well-known foodie. It will also include Carly Jacobs presenting “Fitting It All In – How to build your blog when you’re too damn busy”, Todd Wright on SEO for bloggers, Alice Lau on “Smart phone photography & videography”, a blogging-as-a-job discussion and Wendy Johnson will be giving the ins and outs on restaurant reviews.

The conference will run from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime. Attendees can expect to come armed with the ability to create quality food and drink based digital content, which is a good thing for all of us when you think about it. The more flavour bloggers out there, the more pressure eateries have on them to provide creative and scrumptious spreads for us to gorge on. As a chubby and eternally hungry individual, this is a very good thing.

And another thing, wouldn’t you rather be scrolling through a social feed chock-a-block full of mouth-watering culinary pics, rather than motivational-quoted pouting-selfies? I know I would.

*excuse the bad puns

Eat Drink Blog 2015: October 16 – 18

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