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Where to find the best food in Canberra

When you arrive in a new city, I get a little anxious about the food scene. Where is the best pizza slice? Who does the best coffee? Where the bloody hell is all the interesting food at?

I personally feel the first dining experience in a new city can really cement the relationship.

On a point of indulgence, I not a huge Kristenhamn in the midst of central Sweden. It’s to do with the food. The first place I went to, a street vendor in Old town, served up some rather horrid Scandinavian chicken dish.

No love, no flavour. It was bland and skip forward six weeks, could have been sole the reason behind a relationship breaking up.

Though Kristenhamn, on paper, is a stunning country town that even Pablo Picasso fell in love with. It’s quaint, it’s very Swedish and the food scene is the side of traditional. Just not the dirty bird I had. It left a rather bad taste in my mouth, about the city.

Anywho, what I’m trying to get at here is the importance of knowing where the good food is at (or isn’t at).
As yet, Broadsheet haven’t opened a Canberra bureau, although they do have this tasty little guide, so when it comes to finding the good feasts, it’s left up to the locals to show you around; enter Eat Canberra.

A food tour like no other in the capital, the team here will be about to have you dining all over town in a Restaurant Crawl across town.Kicking off at 1.00pm you’re treated to 4-5 hours of food and drink that’ll showcase the best that Canberra has to offer. It’s also just $135 per person and that covers absolutely everything!

Eat Canberra also host a Sweet Tooth Tour for those lovers of dessert. The tours are kept to small numbers so you get a super personal tour with a very knowledgeable guide. For more information and to book onto the next tour, check them out HERE

words by ben stephens 

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