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Date Nights in Canberra

words by ben stephens

In the need to woo yo’ boo? Maybe start sans that kind of talk. Or don’t. Maybe yo’ boo likes that brand of butchering of the English language?

Different strokes and all that.

You could always leave it to us here at QT Canberra and come for a little staycation? More deets on that HERE

Anywho, I have delved deep into HerCanberra my mind as to find places to take your numero uno for a special night this Canberra winter. Though as your date mate ranges from a Tinder swipe from the night before to a long held lover that has seen many an Easter spent on South Coast, there are a number of options to… woo yo’ boo:

A long walk
If you are not too far along in this relationship maybe it’s time the two of you took your first walk together. Don’t mess around though; take your lover up the Mt Ainslie summit track. To catch a sunrise or sunset would be super cute, however with it being sub 10 degrees once the sun goes away, a midday hike might be the go here. Take a wheel of soft Brie and some champagne with you for a little celebration at the summit. Dress warm, that chill is back in town.

A Drink
There are many places around town to grab a drink and stare into each other’s loving eyes. You can do it at The Civic; be classy at Hopscotch; show off you craft beer knowledge at Honkytonks or bring them into QT Canberra and have a drink around the fireplace. Wherever that drink happens, be sure to keep hydrated, maybe opt for a clear spirit so you don’t get too messy?

A Show
Take your lover to see a production backed by the good-looking team at Canberra Theatre Centre. You’ll seem like you understand what culture is and that you enjoy the arts. So if that’s what you want to impart on your date, here’s what’s coming up at CTC.

Netflix, Stan, ABC iView
Whatever your poison for streaming, nothing beats getting close with your loved one and giving all your attention to the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why. Following a season with a partner creates a unique bond, a bond that cannot be fast-forwarded to the next episode without the other being present. That’s as bad as cheating.

There are many adventures to have in the nation’s capital, but listen to your heart, think about your special little person and ponder How would they like to spend an evening? That should tie you over until the next night festival hits town.

Speaking of which, Vivid Sydney is on at the end of the month, always an easy date night option mixed with travel.

Still hungry for ideas? The RiotAct has some interesting options in the comment section.

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