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Behind the Lines 2015

By Jemma Mrdak.

Living in Canberra, the political capital of Australia, means that we are constantly exposed to the Tony Abbotts and Clive Palmers of the world… lucky us! At any given time, you’ll spot head honcho MP’s lost, stumbling around Lake Burley Griffin or schmoozing at a local restaurant. The plus side? Each week we hilarious political cartoons ripping the pollies to shreds grace our morning papers, making us LOL over our morning coffee. It’s great.

Behind the Lines 2015

The Museum of Australian Democracy located at Old Parliament House is currently celebrating the role of political cartoonists in Australia with their current exhibition Behind the Lines 2015: The year’s best political cartoons, which has been designed to highlight the power of the drawings and cartoons that have contributed to our daily political discussions.

Behind the Lines 2015

Behind the Lines 2015: The year’s best political cartoons will showcase a selection from 39 cartoonists from 2015, with 80 cartoons on display. Expect to see some of the most controversial cartoons from the “#JesuisCharlie” collection featuring works revolving around the Charlie Hebdo incident as well as the “Political Positions” collection, featuring works surrounding Tony Abbott and his controversial comments and actions throughout his time as Prime Minister… so much inspiration to draw on with that one.

Behind the Lines 2015

This year’s exhibition doesn’t solely celebrate one ‘Cartoonist of the Year’, but celebrates the community of political cartoonists in Australia, and shines a light of memory of the tragedy at Charlie Hebdo. Most politicians probably won’t be a fan of most of the cartoons and we’re sure that the general public will have their own opinions, but isn’t that the joy of it all?

You can also check out the People’s Choice section, which is the top 10 cartoons as voted by the people!

Behind the Lines 2015

Behind the Lines 2015 is located at Old Parliament House, which is home to the Museum of Australian Democracy – celebrating the spirit of Australian democracy and the power of the voice within it.

Behind the Lines 2015: The year’s best political cartoons is on now and runs til November 20, 2016

Images: Charlie Hebdo – David PopeThe Minister for Women’s Shirtfront – Cathy WilcoxLifestyle Choice – David Rowe (also header & social image), White Hawke Down – David Pope

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