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4 Must-eats Now Welly Has Uber Eats

If you’ve lived in a place that is #blessed with Uber Eats, you’d know that gone are the days of suggesting restaurant names when deciding where to munch. Well, at least not at first. “Let’s get Uber Eats” is often the premise to the feeding dilemma. That is then followed by eatery suggestions. It’s just how it is.

Wellington is now part of that trend.

Uber Eats, for all who’ve been living in extreme hunger under boring rocks, is a food delivery service. Made for the busy, lazy, bedridden and tremendously hung over, Uber Eats takes your order, collects your grub and transports it to you, handing it over in big paper bags. What a world.

So, when you’ve had a fair crack (or two) at Hippopotamus and room service, think about getting some Wellington flavour options delivered… wherever you may be and whatever state you may be in.

We look at 4 must-eats now that Wellington has Uber eats.

Best Ugly Bagels

Hand rolled and wood fired, these guys know their bagels. We recommend these Best Ugly Bagels; YODI (pastrami, habanero mustard, grilled swiss, topped with a pickle), SCHMEARZ (Zany Zeus organic cream cheese) and MEAN JOE GREEN (Mahy Farms free farmed bacon, avocado, tomato)

The Old Quarter

Like any solid Vietnamese joint, this place is all about really fresh and vibrant flavours. They claim to bring the VietNOMS and they ain’t lying. The Old Quarter does modern Vietnamese extremely well. Eat the Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab Bao (pickled cucumber, coriander and kim chi mayo), Orange Salad (roasted duck, cherry tomato, mung beans, pine nuts, mint and hoisin chilli), Bahn Xeo Pancake (pan fried pork and prawn wrapped in a sizzling rice crepe served with lettuce cup and nuoc cham) and the Vietnamese Espresso (vodka, espresso and condensed milk).

Burger Wisconsin

If you’re after big, juicy burgers that would make Jules Winnfield say, “Mm-hmm, this is a tasty burger!”, then this is your place. Their meat is also “guilt-free” from an ethical standing. Order the FULL MONTY (double beef patty, bacon, Colby cheese, garlic mayo, salad, relish).

Seize Wellington

Everyone seems to be into “clean eating” these days. It’s an annoying expression to many, but a good idea for all. It’s all about eating “whole foods”, aka minimally processed, refined and handled foods. Seize is does clean eating very, very well. Try the Paleo Green (guacamole, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, free range chicken and free range bacon. Refined sugar-free).

The Wellington operation is available in the central suburbs, from Miramar to Island Bay, Karori to Khandallah, and everywhere in between. UberEats are offering free delivery on your first four orders until 6 October 2017 – use the promo code WELLYEATS.

words by niall roeder

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