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The Artists behind the Art

May 18, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by ben stephens

When you’re walking around the harbour hub that is Wellington, you are treated to a host of eye-catching items. From the harbour itself to Cuba Streets’ careless attitude and of course, you can’t miss the abundance of street art that makes up the capital.

Many of the pieces around town are created with the permission of the council and are created in broad daylight. Then there are many that may err on the other side of law and be deemed illegal. Wherever they find themselves, there is something to be said for what they bring to the city.

It’s an attitude in some sense, a community sentiment that only the locals really understand. It speaks something to the travellers, a Wellington boldness with this profusion of street art. While to locals, the art pieces speak something about government and local issues that face those Wellingtonians.

Who are behind these pieces of virtuosity that have taken over a number of buildings in the city? We aren’t about to blow the lid on the underground art scene, it’ not our style, but we will introduce you to a couple of Instagram handles that might indicate the duo behind some of Wellington’s best street art.

The shark that graces the car park just next to QT Museum Wellington is a fine example of the work that BMD used to create around town. The piece has changed the name of the car park to become known by the locals as Shark Park and plays with the idea of the government’s stance on shark finning, a hot topic with many citizens.

The duo no longer create work together under the BMD, they do however make some dope artworks individually under the handles of @_dside and @andrewj.steel. Though if you see a piece around town and you’re not sure of the artist and have a feeling it was the BMD boys, be sure to check out the hashtag #BMDisyourfriend. Almost a library of the work spread all over New Zealand.

Their work stands the test of time and pulls at the issues that matter to those who’ll see it.

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