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Sommelier-approved supermarket wines for every day of the week

Apr 22, 2020  ·  4 min read

Let us help you brighten your isolation bubble with our sommelier-approved supermarket wines and craft beers. The QT Wellington team is sharing our top picks you can secure from your local.

The men behind the recommendations are Florent Souche, our Head Sommelier, known for his award-winning wine list at Hippopotamus; and resident craft beer guru Andrew Nastaszczuk, the mastermind behind the menus at Hot Sauce and Lobby Bar.

Pick and choose which days to treat yourself with a cheeky libation, and add to your shopping list.

Sommelier-approved supermarket wines

Monday: That feeling when you want to start the week healthy, but also need a treat to ease back in. What pairs well with vegetables…?

  • Florent’s supermarket wine recommendation: Vidal Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($14.95)
  • Pair with: Raw vegetables and hummus, garden salads or gazpacho.
  • What he had to say: “This wine is easy-drinking – arguably too easy even. Make sure you have at least two bottles in your fridge at all times.”

Tuesday: Elevate your mood with a weekday dessert and wine pairing. Turn leftover hot cross buns into hot cross bread & butter pudding or a handy freezer dessert.

  • Florent’s supermarket wine recommendation: Johner Estate Pinot Noir Noble ($18.95)
  • Pair with: Leftover Hot Cross Buns or a heat-from-the-freezer apple pie.
  • What he had to say: “Yes, Pinot Noir can be a dessert wine – and this one is one of the most incredible Noble PNs made in New Zealand. At Hippopotamus, we find one bottle is never enough for the table.”

Wednesday: Spicy foods are perfect to keep your immune system fighting fit, but often need a great beer match to balance the heat.

  • Andrew’s supermarket beer recommendation: Parrotdog (Lyall Bay) – Falcon APA ($19.95 per 6 pack)
  • Pair with: Beef chilli. (Pro tip: To give the mince an extra kick, use a range of herbs and spices as a dry rub to season the meat before cooking. Dip with some jalapeno corn chips for added spice.)
  • What he had to say: “The light nature of this beer complements the spices from hot foods. The hint of citrus allows you to enjoy your mince even if you get a little carried away with the spice levels!”

Thursday: It’s almost Friday, and you’ve got a healthy, quick and clean dish lined up before heading into the treat-yourself weekend – perfectly paired with a subtly sweet and hazy brew.

  • Andrew’s supermarket beer recommendation: Tuatara (Kapiti Coast) – Hazy Pale Ale ($19.95 per 6 pack)
  • Pair with: Sweet pork or duck dishes with herbs and spices, like pork ribs with a homemade honey rub.
  • What he had to say: “This is a great take on the oh-so-trendy hazy. It’s light and refreshing with heaps of flavour and fruity notes. This beer has a subtle honeyed malt undertone that really stands out.

Friday: Cheers to the weekend! Surviving another week calls for celebration, and only bubbles will do.

  • Florent’s supermarket wine recommendation: Quartz Reef Methode Traditionnelle NV ($29.99)
  • Pair with: A DIY cheeseboard full of creamy and soft cheeses, or perhaps a seafood risotto if you’re feeling extra fancy.
  • What he had to say: “This is one of the most incredible sparkling wines made in New Zealand. Why spend $70 on French Champagne when you can get two bottles of this gorgeous bubbly?”

Saturday: When you’re missing brunch dates with your mates, we give you permission for a sneaky midday sip after your much-deserved sleep-in.

  • Andrew’s supermarket beer recommendation: Garage Project (Aro Valley) – Can Lah ($4.99 per can)
  • Pair with: Avocado toast, with mushrooms and eggs.
  • What he had to say: “This is a very sessionable pick, a Malaysian Lager that’s super light and crisp. It pairs perfectly with fresh avocado – a go to brunch pick for me. Make sure you don’t have any afternoon plans, before you know it you’ll be on your second can.”

Sunday: As the air is feeling a bit crisper these days, a classic homemade Sunday Spag-Bol seems appropriate. Of course, that calls for the perfectly-matched red.

  • Florent’s supermarket wine recommendation: Mills Reef Reserve Syrah ($20.95)
  • Pair with: Pasta bolognese, pizza with a tomato base, Shepherd’s Pie, or really any hot and homely dish.
  • What he had to say: “This is an expressive, rich, dark Syrah from an amazing vineyard. If you like Syrah from Hawke’s Bay, you’ll fall in love with this one.”

We’re waiting patiently to welcome you back to QT Wellington, but until we see you again, we hope these beer enthusiast and sommelier-approved supermarket picks get added to your next shopping list. Cheers!

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